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  • i already followed you on ig/twitter/fb - why do i have to follow you again? 

   if you’ve already followed us, just click the “follow” button to claim your points- no       refollow needed. all of these points opportunities were reset with our relaunch, which   means, lucky for you, you can actually regain these points again. 

  • i already entered my bday - why do i have to enter it again?

    we had a system error, unfortunately, bdays didn’t transfer over. please enter your bday again to get your points.

  • if my bday is this month will i still get points? 
    yes, don’t worry. normally, our system takes up to 30 days to process bdays, but we’re working to ensure that any bday in the next month, still gets their bday pts

  • i'm already on your email and/or text list, but the tile isn't 'completed' - did i get my points?

    • if you're already on our email list, your points should be listed in your rewards history. if not, please reach out to support.

    • if you do see your points + are curious why the tile is not showing as completed, please know that this a glitch that we’re currently working through

    • if you're already on our SMS list, but don't see your points in your rewards history, we recommend unsubscribing + resubscribing, as your phone number may not be connected to the rest of your account info like your name + email.

  • why am i missing points from leveling up to a new tier? 
    points for leveling up tiers should be reflected in your rewards history. if you don’t see them there, please reach out to support for help.  

  • all my points are gone! did they expire??   
    no, points never expire. try signing in + out of your account to refresh it. if that doesn't work, please reach out to support + we'll help you get your pts back

  • can I claim more than one reward per order?

    yes, you can add multiple rewards per order.

  • do I need to pay shipping on my reward order?
    unless your order total qualifies for free shipping, you’ll be responsible for shipping costs.

  • can I return a lacquer that I redeemed points for?
    unfortunately, we are unable to accept returns on rewards

  • my points say they’re “pending”. what does this mean?
    after you earn points, our system will verify the activity, which can take up to 14 days, depending on the action taken. once verified, the points will be added to your total.

  • do you ever change the rewards available?
    yes, we periodically change up rewards. keep an eye out for emails and social media posts about it.

  • where can I find my point balance?
    your points balance is visible on your rewards account page. don’t have an account yet? set one up and get 300 points : )

  • do points expire?
    no, points do not expire.

  • are points only able to be used on the rewards catalog?
    yes, currently points can only be used to redeem rewards. 

  • how do i earn points?
    you can earn points by making an account, following us on Instagram, signing up for our newsletter, leaving reviews (max of 2 reviews every 24 hours. only valid on products purchased through your account) and more. you can find all the ways to earn points (and how many you’ll earn) here.

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